Providing Healthcare Education Worldwide

IMET2000 aims to promote inexpensive, continuous and accessible healthcare education and training for all professionals working in the global health sector by exploiting the IT revolution through e-learning and self -learning programmes bolted on to video conferencing and telemedicine networks and with face to face contacts where essential.

Our goal is to provide a firm foundation for improved services to all those suffering from diseases and physical and mental trauma but especially in children in economically deprived societies or areas of violent conflict.


Latest News

  • Bobby Grewal Fundraising Walk Across India

    We have today heard from Bobby Grewal who has covered well over halfway in his marathon and epic walk from the south of India to New Delhi in the north. He has moved on from Nagpur  ( read all about it in http://timesofindia...

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  • Sarah Gardner News from Ghana

    Our colleague Sarah Gardner who is CEO of the charity ‘Action Through Enterprise’ (ATE) has just completed a six week working visit to Lawra in Upper Ghana and has sent us this video clip of the special needs programme that IMET2000 is part supporting...

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  • Sponsored Walk

    One of our most loyal supporters, Mr Balwant (‘Bobby)Grewal , set off on October 26th,2015 at the age of 80 years on a sponsored walk of 2,600 miles from the south of India to the north, a really heroic marathon taking over 5 months to complete at 20 miles /day...

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  • Richard Field is back in Uganda

    On  January 4th,2016, our ‘Man in Uganda’ Richard Field flew out to Kampala to spend 10 weeks in the Ebenezer Kisoboka Children’s Home. Whilst there he will be helping restore and upgrade building fabric and establishing bank transfers from IMET2000 directly to the Ugandan Board of Trustees responsible for the Home and ensuring that it is fully registered with the Ugandan Government...

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  • Future project

     IMET2000 have been approached by the CEO of the Fort Portal International Nurses School (FINS) in Uganda to partner the school and help with their on-line courses particularly in midwifery. Depending on funding , we intend to start work with them in March, 2016 in what could be a very rewarding partnership.

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