Providing Healthcare Education Worldwide

IMET2000 aims to promote inexpensive, continuous and accessible healthcare education and training for all professionals working in the global health sector by exploiting the IT revolution through e-learning and self -learning programmes bolted on to video conferencing and telemedicine networks and with face to face contacts where essential.

Our goal is to provide a firm foundation for improved services to all those suffering from diseases and physical and mental trauma but especially in children in economically deprived societies or areas of violent conflict.


Latest News

  • The Palestinian Youth Orchestra

     To help fund the UK tour of the Palestinian Youth Orchestra starting on July 16th, 2016, IMET2000 organised a highly successful dinner on the good ship HQS Wellington moored in London alongside the Victoria Embankment...

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  • The first Nick Dudley Memorial Scholar

    The first of our Nick Dudley Memorial Scholars, Ayman Salman, from Al Quds Medical School, arrived at London Heathrow airport  on July 2nd and was driven to Oxford by Colin Green for his 8-week elective in the John Radcliffe Hospital...

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  • Bobby Grewal Fundraising Walk Across India

    Bobby Grewal completed his epic walk in New Delhi today having walked some 2,300 miles from the south of India. This was a phenomenal feat for an 81 year old man walking for most of that marathon journey in temperatures in the mid-40 degrees C and stamina sapping humidity...

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  • Death of our Trustee Nick Dudley and his memorial service on the 25th April

    Sadly, we have to announce the death on March 20th, 2016, of one of our most loyal and outstanding Trustees Mr Nick Dudley. Apart from his career as a pioneering surgeon spent mostly in Oxford, he was an exceptional educationalist and a  man of great energy, compassion, integrity and fierce supporter of the underdog...

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  • Sarah Gardner News from Ghana

    Our colleague Sarah Gardner who is CEO of the charity ‘Action Through Enterprise’ (ATE) has just completed a six week working visit to Lawra in Upper Ghana and has sent us this video clip of the special needs programme that IMET2000 is part supporting...

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