Providing Healthcare Education Worldwide

IMET2000 aims to promote inexpensive, continuous and accessible healthcare education and training for all professionals working in the global health sector by exploiting the IT revolution through e-learning and self -learning programmes bolted on to video conferencing and telemedicine networks and with face to face contacts where essential.

Our goal is to provide a firm foundation for improved services to all those suffering from diseases and physical and mental trauma but especially in children in economically deprived societies or areas of violent conflict.


Latest News

  • IMET2000 Annual Dinner

    IMET2000 Annual Dinner

    The 2015 IMET2000 Annual Dinner will take place on Friday 16 October on HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, London WC2R 2PN. The evening will start with drinks on the Quarter Deck followed by Dinner and entertainment...

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  • Comedy Benefit for IMET2000

    Comedy Benefit for IMET2000

    We are hugely grateful to Ivor Dembina, Daniel Kitson, Mark Thomas and Mark Steel for joining forces to raise money for IMET2000 at a one-off show at The Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Fringe on Sunday 16 August, 2015...

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