Dr Omar Al-Ashhab: Our New Psychaitry Fellow

11 October 2018

Five Years Residency Mental Health Training Scholarship, in King Abdullah

University Hospital “ KAUH “, Irbid, Jordan. 

 My name is Omar Al-Ashhab. I received my Medical degree from Nile Valley University, Sudan. I’m very fortunate to be awarded an IMET2000 scholarship for Mental Health training (Psychiatry)in KAUH. As a teenager, I loved having the opportunity to hear people’s stories, and quickly I realized that this is something psychiatry. So I was encouraged to read more and more about human beings behaviour, attitude and their body language. When I used to go the streets and roads in Sudan I saw many poor and miserable children being scattered all over asking for money and food, so I was asking myself what kind of future they will have? So thinking of all of that made me believe that everything happened for a reason, and that gave me a strong passion to be a person who will spend his life caring and helping children. Children's mental health is often something that is neglected of health care, and it has such a powerful impact on long-term health and wellness for children and families. I’m now in my first year and I’m so pleased to be in this career. I will return back to Palestine when I finished my training program aiming to improve access to mental health care for underserved children and families. I believe that in kids we have miracles and magic, in kids anything is possible.


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