On going Activities - 2017


Critical Core Training: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Physicians IX

July 26th, IMET 2000-PAL in co-operation with the American Arab University-Jenin organised the Critical Core Training: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Physicians IX. The workshop was attended by a number of physicians and medical students working at different hospitals in Palestine. This workshop was led by Mr Ayman Enaya (American Heart Association “AHA”) Instructor.


Critical Nursing Core Training: Hemodynamic Monitoring and Interpretation

On July the 18th 2017, IMET2000-Pal organised a Critical Nursing Core Training on Hemodynamic Monitoring, Measurement and Interpretation. The workshop was held at the Palestine Red Crescent Society- Al-Bireh- Ramallah and was attended by more than 35 nurses working in different governmental hospitals, Augusta Victoria Hospital and An-Najah National University Hospital. This workshop was led by Mr Osaid Rashid, a lecturer at Al-Quds University. The training focused on the normal cardiac anatomy and physiology and normal blood hemodynamics pressures inside the heart, understand the arterial blood pressure monitoring: Invasive and noninvasive methods, and recognise levelling and taking measurements from invasive measurement methods.


IMET 2000-PAL organised the 8th BLS workshop in Nablus

On the 10th of July and in co-operation with the Arab American University/ Jenin, IMET2000-PAL organised the eighth training in Basic Life Support (BLS) for doctors and nurses working at Al-Watani Governmental Hospital in Nablus. The workshop was led by Mr Bahaa Hamad (AHA). This training aimed to enrich the knowledge of the participants with latest updates and applications of cardiopulmonary resuscitation according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association.  




On the 18th of April 2017, IMET2000-Pal organised a workshop on medical research methodology for the medical and postgraduate health sciences students. The workshop was held at Al-Quds University-Jerusalem, and was attended by 180 medical students. It was opened by Dr Dina Al-Bitar and led by our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben, Clinical Lecturer & Researcher in Neurosurgery, Cardiff University, UK. The training highlighted the importance of research in general and clinical research in particular in improving patients’ healthcare. In this workshop students were trained on how to conduct a clinical audit, formulate a research question and read/write a scientific paper. The workshop was concluded by an inspirational lecture in which Dr Zaben talked about his experience as an academic surgeon. The students feedback on the workshop was excellent. IMET2000 will support students who are interested in conducting research projects in the future.


IMET2000-PAL Organised a Training for Psychiatrists on Forensic psychiatry

In collaboration with the Mental Health Unit in the Ministry of Health, IMET 2000-Pal organised a training for psychiatrists on forensic psychiatry on April the 13th, 2017. The workshop was held at the Directory of Health building – Ramallah and was attended by 12 psychiatrists from the different districts of the West Bank. It was led by Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar -Forensic Psychiatrist,Oxford, UK. The training focused on  writing forensic psychiatric reports, expert witness and giving evidence in courts, risk assessment, mental capacity and power of attorney. IMET2000 was asked to organise training on these topics by the MoH Mental Health Department Director taken in consideration there relevance to psychiatry practice in Palestine.