Our Activities in Africa


Our programme continues in Africa




London to Brighton Cycle Ride


Kathy Green and Dan Morris triumphant at the end of their cycle ride from London to Brighton. They completed in 5 hours. With 93 generous donors they exceeded their target and raised over £8000 toward the much needed ambulance in Herona Hospital.


Progress on the Phase Two Building



For more news on our activities in Africa follow the link: /sites/0019/uploads/content/documents/triumph-and-ebenezer-children-printable-1-2.pdf?1538418846



The ambulance for children at our fundraising garden party proved really popular so we thought we would commandeer it as an interim ambulance whilst awaiting the real thing. The patient is not sure if he is so ill that he needs A&E but reckons that in Uganda it is a slightly better transport than the cross bar of a wobbly bicycle.





Really strong foundations are now being built with IMET2000 financial support so that in Phase Two construction two stories can be built up if financial resources allow. These will cost at most £18,000.


Herona Hospital Pharmacy

IMET2000 funded the pharmacy to be completely stocked for a month supply at a cost of £5000. We were assured that the profit on sales would not only allow complete re-stocking each month but would help fund the staff salaries too. This has indeed proved to be the case.


The pharmacy before



The pharmacy after


Garden tea party


Official Opening




Eye Clinic


The present Eye Clinic is very basic and modestly equipped  but provides a limited service to the region and a population of some 200,000 people. IMET2000 is raising funds urgently to build a state of the art Eye Clinic and open for a full service by March 2019.

Car Park for Herona Hospital


In the wet season, the front of the hospital was a mudbath so IMET2000 spent £5000 to create a decent tarmac car park and approach as shown in this latest photo.


Eschmann J3 surgical operating table


 This Eschmann J3 surgical operating table has been donated by a kind anonymous donor and has been shipped to Herona Hospital in Uganda.



In just 14 months, the Director of Herona Hospital has built virtually all of the planned Phase One at a cost to IMET2000 of only £35,000. We cannot remember such a good investment of our charity funds since we started globally in 2000.



The First premature Baby in the Incubator


This is the very first premature baby in the incubator that Kathy Green funded and provided a few weeks ago.



The Opening Ceremony of Herona Hospital


On February 17 th, Colin Green and his community nurse daughter Kathy joined in the celebrations to officially open Phase One of the new Rural Hospital, Herona Hospital, largely built with IMET2000 funding since May, 2017. Just 20 out of the planned 40 beds in a woman’s ward have been completed and are full with patients.

This is a private not-for-profit hospital serving a population of roughly 300,000 people in a rural community in Kisoga town, Mukono District, and now needs new equipment and more fully qualified staff.  

The photo shows Colin cutting the tape for the official opening. Over 1000 people including MPs and local dignitaries attended and joined in a very happy celebration. IMET 2000 is now raising funds for the equipment and medicines and ensure future viability.


Richard Field flew out to Uganda at the end of December and amongst all the projects he had to deal with since, he has organised a full-time job in dressmaking for Harriet and is about to build her a small home where she can live independently with dignity and privacy as a severely handicapped person. IMET2000 goes on supporting needy individuals as well as funding major projects like the Herona Hospital soon to be opened by Colin Green in Uganda  on the 17th February. What a privilege!


Richard Field (pictured with Colin Green  on Sunday 3rd September) is flying out to Uganda tomorrow Tuesday 5th September to visit the Ebenezer Kisoboko Childrens Home in Kitosi, Uganda and to view the extraordinary progress in building the first phase of Herona Hospital in Kisoga. Before leaving he organised a successful garden party (pictured) and raised over £2000 to fund an operating light urgently needed in Herona Hospital as well as complete the tiling of the floors. Another result for IMET2000!


Herona Hospital:The latest updates


IMET2000 is delighted with rapid progress in construction of the Herona Hospital with our financial support but at amazingly low cost. We expect the first patients to come through the doors in mid-September. Now we have to equip it and are writing grant applications and fundraising for that. Eventually it will have 40 beds and serve a population of some 200,000 in a region with massive problems with malaria, infant/maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS.


Hospital Renovation in Herona 

IMET2000 has just awarded a grant of £7000 from its ring-fenced Uganda account to pay for the roof of part of the new hospital in Herona we are helping build. In one photo you can see the unroofed part of the hospital as work in progress and in the other the new roof under construction.

The sooner this roof gets completed, the sooner the inner walls and brickwork will be protected from the heavy rains now hitting the area.



Our IMET2000 ‘Lady in Ghana’ Sarah Gardner has just returned from Ghana after getting married to her great friend Habib Albeboure who manages her charity ATE in Lawra in Upper Ghana. We are all delighted for them both and congratulate them on this wonderful event. Colin has  known Sarah since she was two years old and now she is Mrs Albeboure! 



 Our Uganda representative Richard Field returned last week after nearly three months of field work and has come back with an exciting set of pioneering ideas to add to those already supported by IMET2000 over the past three years. The Ebenezer Kisoboka Children’s Home is in good shape building wise and no new buildings are planned. Four new children have been transferred from another home on an island in Lake Victoria and the numbers in EK are up to 20 with ages ranging from 5 to 20 years. Richard has found sponsors for nearly all these children and about £1000 are transferred to the UORF stakeholders and Trustees by IMET2000 every 4 months. The solar panels and bio-digester are working well and Harriet is making good progress in her needlework training classes. Admittance to the EK Children’s Home is now carefully controlled and if children in need can be funded to stay at home with family yet still attend school then we help fund that option instead.

Richard is now keen to expand that micro-environment into a regional framework in which better schools, a health clinic on land already purchased, and a non-Governmental hospital will be built and supported by his efforts and part aided by IMET2000. In time we hope to train some of our EK children in nursing and other health care disciplines and purchase an ambulance to service both the clinic and hospital . Attached are images of the hospital under construction. IMET2000 is committed to part fund the roof and wall plastering of the next phase and hope to complete that within 6 weeks. We are urgently raising funds to pay for this ambitious programme.


 Harriet and the sewing machine

Although severely disabled, Harriet sets a wonderful example to the younger children in the Ebenezer Home by her happy personality and determination to succeed in her dressmaking programme. She is taking more advanced lessons and IMET2000 provide the materials she needs to develop her skills.



 Our man Richard Field is back in Uganda

Richard Field went back to Uganda a week ago to find the Children’s Home in really good shape. Unfortunately, Uganda is suffering a severe drought this year, and the rainy seasons never came. Everyone's gardens has suffered including ours. All the work preparing the ground and planting have come to nothing. What has grown is being used as cow feed (photo). To make matters worse food is becoming expensive. On the upside the rainwater harvesting tanks we installed last year  have collected what rain we had and we still have 15,000 litres in our tanks. We hope it rains soon for everyone's sake . The new children have settled in well and are very happy in the home (photo).  



New Children at Ebenezer Kiboko

Our ‘Man in Uganda’, Richard Field and everyone at the Ebenezer Kiboko Children’s Home are very excited about the arrival of three new children. They were selected by our local Ugandan internal board and arrived this week. We are in the process of getting them new bedding, anti-mosquito nets and clothes. They have been enrolled into school and are very happy to be at EK. We have also sent more clothes for the other children and staff. In the photos, Ronald is shown in grumpy mode and then one happy boy!



 Return of Richard Field from Uganda

March 16th,2016: Our Man in Uganda, Richard Field,  has just got back to the UK after working in the Ebenezer Children’s Home for three months. Whilst there he carried out more restoration work on the buildings and discussed with senior staff in the home new ways of functioning in the future and  expanding the Home not just with more young children but as a respite centre for other children with disabilities currently with one or both parents struggling financially. He also formulated plans for building homes on the 4 acres nearby that he purchased with his own money and eventually  constructing a building for a health clinic to serve the local villages. In fact he has come back full of ideas for a new project to run alongside the residential home in which children will be kept at home in their own community but helped in education, school uniforms, books , mosquito nets  and other necessities ….in other words the Ebenezer Home will be a kind of hub to many more children outreached and they will interact but not necessarily spend time in residence. IMET2000 is keen to support this experiment in psychosocial development for very poor families and develop the health centre.

Below is a link explaining about the 2016 trip



Sarah Gardner News from Ghana

Our colleague Sarah Gardner who is CEO of the charity ‘Action Through Enterprise’ (ATE) has just completed a six week working visit to Lawra in Upper Ghana and has sent us this video clip of the special needs programme that IMET2000 is part supporting. Sarah’s Mother, Philippa Gardner, who  was an NHS Consultant Psychotherapist specialising in Cognitive Analytic Therapy for the Wessex region joined her for part of this tour of duty in Ghana and we in IMET2000 look forward to tapping in to her vast experience of child and adolescent mental health problems resulting from extreme economic deprivation to help us in our programmes in Africa and Palestine. The video can be accessed via the following link: (as below). We applaud the SNAP programme as yet another successful way of challenging prejudice and taboos against all forms of physical and mental disability and trauma.


On  January 4th,2016, our ‘Man in Uganda’ Richard Field flew out to Kampala to spend 10 weeks in the Ebenezer Kisoboka Children’s Home. Whilst there he will be helping restore and upgrade building fabric and establishing bank transfers from IMET2000 directly to the Ugandan Board of Trustees responsible for the Home and ensuring that it is fully registered with the Ugandan Government. For more info follow the link below:



Our IMET2000 ‘Man in Uganda’ Richard Field has just returned from a three month working stay in the Ebenezer Home near Kisoto. Richard really is a remarkable man and goes out there to work entirely at his own expense and achieves so much on each visit. We reported earlier on the safari they went on right at the start of his stay and what he has achieved in the last few weeks since then is really impressive. With our mission to make the home a self -sufficient and self -sustaining social unit, IMET2000 sponsored solar panels which are now fully operational and provide adequate lighting for the children to do their homework as well as light up the whole community. In addition, Richard purchased 4 acres of good productive land at his own expense so that 2 cows and garden produce can provide a decent basic diet for the children. The new cow he bought on arrival is milking well. He built a new and substantial  ‘cow house’ as well as a workroom where tools can be kept and shoes made for sale in the local village.

Follow the link for more information


Finally, IMET2000 sponsored the purchase of a new wheelchair for Harriet and as you can see in the photo she is well pleased.

These young people in the Ebenezer orphanage had never been outside their village so this safari into Queen Elizabeth National Game park was their first journey across Uganda.  They were so excited. And although Uganda still has plenty of wild animals in its National Parks, these people had never ever seen one in their lives. So again it was a huge experience for them to see lions, hippopotamus, baboons, elephants, zebras, giraffes and many kinds of antelope. They said on return home that it was the best three days of their life. IMET2000 is so keen to support this mini-society as it caters for an age range of 6 up to 18, helps them become self- supporting within the home and then maintains contact when they leave the orphanage by finding work locally and providing microfinance to help them start up small businesses and shops in the nearby town. They are lovely people and a joy to be with.

IMET2000 has supported the Special Needs Awareness Programme(SNAP) in Lawra, in northern Ghana over the last 12 months. The ATE charity CEO Sarah Gardner has just returned from a busy and successful working visit to  Lawra and reported back on progress of the SNAP project. ATE runs a monthly support group for parents of children with special needs and ensures the children have had their vaccinations , pays for health insurance, have an education and try to remove the stigma associated with the problems. The numbers of parents attending increased dramatically during the year, testimony both to the need and to the success of the talks as the news spread through the region. No doubt the purchase of a motorbike with trailer by ATE allowing children and parents to be collected from remote rural communities also helped. The 12 workshop topics comprised for example: Ebola awareness; reducing risk of a child contracting malaria; drawing and sewing skills; making toys from recycled materials; childhood nutrition; epilepsy awareness; improving physical mobility; and the problems of alcohol.        

During the year, an education specialist Dee Anderson, spent 4 weeks in Lawra and provided face to face support for two children and together with a speech therapist dramatically improved their ability to communicate and attend school. One of the children, a 13 year old autistic girl, began speaking for the first time in her life. In January,2014, ATE sent a container of disability equipment including wheelchairs to Lawra and this has made a dramatic improvement for many who previously spent their lives lying on a dusty mud hut floor. Overall, from zero, 28 SNAP children now access mainstream education, 3 await entry to specialist schools, and 67 disabled children were registered with Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme gaining access to basic healthcare and vaccinations.IMET 2000 supported this SNAP project in 2014 as part of its overall commitment to children suffering physical and mental trauma resulting from extreme economic deprivation, natural disasters or military conflict. The model developed by Sarah Gardner has in just 12 months made such an impact for a small investment (£5,500)that we are interested in rolling it out to other localities and ATE are negotiating further programmes in Jirapa and in Babile. Sarah is to be congratulated on a fine achievement. For more information on this project please click here

  • 2014 IMET2000 Grants & Donations for Africa

1. A grant of £4000 has been made by IMET2000 to the Uganda Biogas Project in which we are helping an orphanage called Ebenezer Kisoboko near Lake Victoria in Uganda. A friend called Richard Field has taken it on as a project to make it as near self sufficient as possible with a home made biogas reactor, solar powered lighting, horticulture, livestock and micro-financed craft businesses . Disease prevention (particularly personal hygiene and anti-malaria netting) is a major feature of the project. Our aim is to ensure the children have better lighting to do their homework, have a gas supply (methane from the biodigester) for cooking and a more balanced diet to improve their health. The success of this project we anticipate will lead to it being used as a model throughout Uganda for similar sized social units of young people. Two of our orphans now hope to become healthcare professionals and need sponsorship for the future. Information is available from dickfield@hotmail.co.uk.



2. A grant of £4000 has been made by IMET2000 to the UK based charity Action Through Enterprise (ATE) to help our colleague and CEO of ATE, Sarah Gardner, working out the in the poorest area of Ghana to fund a project  for disabled and handicapped children as well as run schemes to improve the health and nutrition of children in a desperately poor community.   Sarah and her parents run this small charity on a shoestring but achieve amazing results with the children. IMET2000 is delighted to help such a dedicated person as Sarah to make such an impact on the overall health of a small village and create a model of health and education which can be wheeled out across the region. For more information see their website www.ateghana.org.