Past Events - 2003

  • December 4th-9thCG flew to Palestine to plan further postgraduate training with senior academics and government officials.
  • November 25thCG visited Rotherham District General Hospital to discuss possible visits of Arab-speaking psychiatrists to Palestine to start a programme of service and teaching in a much needed discipline.
  • November 30th-31st: CG flew to Paris to meet French colleagues in several University Hospitals wanting to collaborate in training young Palestinian doctors in different specialties.
  • September 1st Dr Mohanad Al Aker (now the dental expert on the IMET2000 Academic Advisory Board), graduated in his MSc in Orthodontics in the Eastman Institute in London and CG attended the ceremony and reception.
  • July 25th -29thCG flew to Palestine for the graduation ceremony of the 3rd intake of medical students started in 1997 and discussions with the IFMSA student body.
  • June 6th-12thCG flew to Palestine to visit Nablus, Al Quds and Ramallah for undergraduate and postgraduate education needs.
  • April 21st: CG flew to Dundee to discuss with Professor Ronald Harden and with the University Vice Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands the linking of their distance learning initiative IVIMEDS with the IMET2000 proposed INmedS either as collaborative projects or as merged entities. It was agreed that both needed further development and then should meet again to re-assess their position say after 6 months; meantime each would collaborate in developing new IT technologies for medical education.
  • Resignation of IMET2000 Corporate Director and Treasurer

    After serving in a senior role in our charity IMET2000 for nearly two decades, Colin Green has decided to resign immediately from all his activities in the charity to renew his academic life in surgical science researching and publishing evidence of the physical and mental trauma of innocent civilians resulting from military conflict...

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