Past Events - 2007

  • November30th-December5th: CG worked in Palestine for 5 days.
  • August26th-29th: CG participated in the AMEE Annual Conference held in Trondheim in Norway and discussed more methodologies in distance learning.
  • August 4th-6thCG participated in the IFMSA Annual Congress held this year in Canterbury and (having sponsored Anas Eid of Abu Dies to go to Australia previously to be voted in as President of IFMSA, a first for Palestine), attended his inaugural speech with pride and satisfaction.
  • Resignation of IMET2000 Corporate Director and Treasurer

    After serving in a senior role in our charity IMET2000 for nearly two decades, Colin Green has decided to resign immediately from all his activities in the charity to renew his academic life in surgical science researching and publishing evidence of the physical and mental trauma of innocent civilians resulting from military conflict...

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