Past Events - 2008

  • November13th-20thCG worked in Palestine for 7 days.
  • October 1st-10th: Together with Ms Jo Myers and Dr Keith Judkins, CG did a feasibility study for the MoH and MAP to look at needs for a new Burns Service in Palestine and visited Nablus, Jerusalem, Hebron, Beit Jalla and Ramallah as potential sites for a centre or units and service provision.
  • July 22nd-27th: CG worked in Palestine for 5 days.
  • May 3rd-10thCG worked in Palestine for 5 days.
  • April 10thCG gave a talk to the Palestinian Solidarity Group in Portsmouth entitled ‘Healthcare Crisis in the Occupied Territories’.
  • January 11th-17thTogether with Dr Malik Zaben, CG participated in an International Conference in Dubai on setting up an e-learning institute in Dubai to serve the Middle East, having been invited to contribute a report on our experience in Palestine.
  • January 10thCG gave an invited talk to the Anjoman Iranian Association in London on the subject of Palestinian medical education and the value of computerised learning there.
  • Resignation of IMET2000 Corporate Director and Treasurer

    After serving in a senior role in our charity IMET2000 for nearly two decades, Colin Green has decided to resign immediately from all his activities in the charity to renew his academic life in surgical science researching and publishing evidence of the physical and mental trauma of innocent civilians resulting from military conflict...

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