Past Events - 2012

  • June 18th-21st: CG worked in Ramallah for 3 days inclusive together with Mr David Small and Mr Mike Shaw setting up the embryonic telemedicine video conferencing units in Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah, and preparing the 2 units for transport to Gaza.
  • March 30thThe Annual Dinner was held in the Peer’s Dining Room of the House of Lords hosted by our Board Vice Chairman Lord David Evans. This was again a very successful and enjoyable evening.
  • March 12th-15thCG worked in Palestine starting up the telemedicine network
  • February 15th:The Annual General Meeting of IMET2000 was held in the MIC Conference Centre and the annual accounts approved and signed off.
  • Resignation of IMET2000 Corporate Director and Treasurer

    After serving in a senior role in our charity IMET2000 for nearly two decades, Colin Green has decided to resign immediately from all his activities in the charity to renew his academic life in surgical science researching and publishing evidence of the physical and mental trauma of innocent civilians resulting from military conflict...

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