Past Events- 2014

  •  IMET2000 conducts its first conference in "Pain Managment" for anaesthetists 

We have organised our first conference on "Pain Management" for anaesthetists in Ramallah-Palestine. Fifteen anaesthetists were also trained through a 2-day pre-conference workshop of training the trainers to become leaders in the field of pain management.


  • IMET2000 launches its in-home training in Burns Management Training Program

Ramallah-Sunday 09/11/2014: We have organised the first workshop to train nurses on the ABCs in the managment of burn injuries. This was held in collaboration with the Palestinian MoH and will be followed by another workshop next month and some more to come in 2015.




  • IMET2000 team participated in an WHO/MoH workshop for the development of Family Medicine Program in Palestine

Ramallah - Saturday 01 November, 2014: Dr. Anis Al Hajjeh IMET2000-Pal Representative and Consultant along with Dr. Samer Hasan IMET2000-Pal Medical Officer, participated in a workshop hosted by the Ministry of Health / MOH in collaboration with the World Health Organization / WHO on the Family Practice Concept in Palestine on at the Caesar Hotel. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce the Family Practice Medicine Concept to MOH staff and to invite discussion on future directions.

IMET2000-Pal participation in such a workshop is part of  IMET2000's key missions to work with other collaborators to Family Medicine in Palestine.  



  • IMET2000 sponsorship for IDFMP

As part of a partnership in the International Development Programme for Family Medicine in Palestine (IDFMP), IMET2000 has sponsored the participation of two family doctors to participate in the 10th International Conference of Jordan Society of Family of Medicine Conference. Dr Ahmad Heed and Dr Naser Abu Saleh were the participants selected for this IMET2000’s travel bursary.  Both of them told IMET2000 that the conference was an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the field of family medicine and primary healthcare. Participation in such activities is hoped to help participants in developing their clinical skills while practicing family medicine in Palestine.

  • IMET2000 5th mission in anaesthesia training

Our Palestinian Medical Education Centre (MET2000-Pal) is hosting Dr Derek Rosen, a Paediatric Anaesthesiologist from the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane, Australia for one month. Dr Rosen is a visiting instructor in the Palestinian Anaesthesia Residency Training Program. During his 4 weeks mission, residents working in 4 different hospitals (Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus) will be trained in paediatric anaesthesia. This program, alongside the child mental health training program, is one of IMET2000's leading programs with a special focus on improving healthcare of children in Palestine.


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  • Mr John Beavis Joined IMET2000 Board of Trustees

We are all delighted that Dr John Beavis, a Trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and the CEO of the charity IDEALS, has joined our Board of Trustees thus bringing our work and collaborations even closer together.

For more information on ideals, please follow the link:



  • Ms. Harriet Paul Joined IMET2000 as a Director of Corporate Development  

Harriet Paul who has been our very successful Events Manager for over four years has now joined our Executive Council as Director of Corporate Development and Events and brings great experience in this field to IMET2000.


  • IMET2000 Director of Corporate Development  and  Treasurer participated in a fundraising activity

 A Diwali Dinner and Dance was held in Southall on Saturday (1/11/14) evening in aid of Bobby’s Walk which in turn is in aid of Save the Children International. This walk over 2700 miles from the south of India to the north is scheduled to start in October 2015 and is organised and sponsored jointly by the India Association, Save the Children International and IMET2000. Mr Balwant (Bobby) Grewal has already walked from the north to south of India in 2003/4 when a 70 year old youngster. By the time he completes this walk in April 2016 he will be a mere 81 years old. Bobby has set himself the ambitious target of £1.5 million to raise through this walk; 70% of whatever is raised will go to Save the Children International and 30% to the India Association. IMET2000 are sponsoring a full time organiser for this project to ensure its success, investing up front to accelerate progress with the expectation that in the  longer term, children supported jointly by Save the Children and IMET2000 in Palestine and elsewhere will benefit from our combined skills in collaborative future projects.


  • IMET2000 Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Programme-Gaza

IMET2000 has sponsored Mohamed Abu Shaban (from Gaza) for a five week period of training in burns and reconstructive surgery in Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford. Mohamed is completing his medical studies in Alexandria in Egypt this year before returning to Gaza to do a year’s internship. Whilst in the UK he has been trained under the supervision of Dr Ali Ghanem in Queen Mary University London and Professor Peter Dziewulski in Chelmsford. It has been a pleasure for the host institutions and of great value to Mohamed; he was one of the guests of honour at IMET2000 fundraising dinner.


  • IMET2000 Fundraising Dinner, September 26th, 2014

As a response to the recent assault on Gaza, IMET2000 held a fundraising dinner for 120 guests on HQS Wellington on the 26th September. We had permission from our friends in Gaza to have a fun evening despite their terrible ordeal so long as we raised awareness of their healthcare needs and funds to go with it. In the event we had a magical evening on board a ship which had been active in the Atlantic Convoys in WW2 and had been captained by Professor Green's father- in- law from 1940-1941 early in the Battle of the Atlantic. We were entertained by Jon Snow, Mark Thomas and Ivor Dembina. We did have fun and we did raise substantial funds for four projects in Gaza. These were: Trauma, Burns and Reconstructive Surgery; Child and Adolescent Mental Health; Prevention of Hospital Infections; and Rehabilitation of Children with Neurological Trauma (Spinal and Brain Injury). The task of IMET2000 now is to work with the Ministry of Health in Gaza to provide higher postgraduate training in these projects through a mixture of distance learning, visits to Gaza of experienced specialists and provision of training bursaries for Palestinians to work in the UK for limited periods to gain specialist expertise relevant to those projects. These are open to all disciplines in the Health Sector including nurses, physicians, surgeons and allied professionals.