Past Events- IMET2000 Mental Health in Children and Adolescents Programme

IMET2000 is committed to an initial 5-year programme designed to upgrade the mental health service in the West Bank and Gaza in close collaboration with the Ministers of Health in both parts of Palestine. It is intended to sponsor at least 5 young physicians to train in child psychiatry over 5 years as well as address the short and medium term needs through workshops inside Palestine for all disciplines relevant to the service and some short (2-3 month) intensive training periods as well as MSc opportunities in the UK.


  • April 26th: CG visited the SOS Village in Bethlehem and agreed that IMET2000 should sponsor the mobile clinics run by PACAMAH to treat children and adolescents with mental health problems in rural areas inaccessible to hospital clinics in Bethlehem. It was also agreed that IMET2000 should sponsor the participation of one Palestinian psychiatrist to Canada for the annual congress of the World Federation of Psychiatrists.
  • April 2nd -20th: Two experienced Palestinian psychiatrists (Dr Samah Jabr in Al Quds Medical Faculty and Dr Mansour Al Kreishi in Al Najah University Medical Faculty)   were sponsored by IMET2000 for periods of training in child psychiatry in Manchester and Hull.


  • October: Dr Samah Jabr started her course in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy in Tel Aviv sponsored by IMET2000.
  • September 16th-19th: Dr Samah Jabr was sponsored by IMET2000 to participate in the International Conference in Child Psychiatry in Manchester.
  • April: CG met up with Drs Leslie Scarth and Peter Hughes to discuss drawing up an MoU between the Royal College of Psychiatrists and IMET2000 and accrediting different training programmes for Palestinians.